Lonquich Heinz Martin Preisungen TP366 Digital
Heinz Martin Lonquich
for trumpet and organ
advanced Duration: 26'

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Heinz Martin Lonquich

Heinz Martin Lonquich (1937-2014)

Heinz Martin Lonquich studied at the music academies of Saarbrücken and Cologne (piano with Alexander Sellier, composition with Bernd Alois Zimmermann and electronic music with Herbert Eimert). During this time, Lonquich dealt with twelve-tone music, among other things, which has also been reflected in his compositions. For his works he received awards from Radio Hilversum and the state of North...
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About Preisungen

Preisungen was composed in 1989 by Heinz-Martin Lonquich. He dedicated the work to Britta and Markus Stockhausen on their wedding. To describe it in a perfunctory manner, one could say that Preisungen is a four-movement work conceived as a duo with parts of equal importance for the organist and the wind player, whereby the latter must alternate between the trumpet, the flugelhorn and the piccolo trumpet. But as to the music, the author remains silent lest he prevents the listener from approaching and understanding the work in his own personal manner. Instead, he cites a poem which Heinz-Albert Heindrichs jotted down spontaneously after hearing a new work by Lonquich:

it is spring

I hear
from all the ends
of the skies the birds
knotting the golden carpet

if I could
see beyond myself
I would have invented
a music of exalting jubilation

a polychromy
of happiness

Text by Eckhardt van den Hoogen, from the booklet of the CD recorded by Markus Stockhausen and Margareta Hürholz « New Colours of Trumpet and Organ », 1993 (EMI classics 7243 5 55023 2 2)

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trumpet in C, Flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet in B-flat
Editions Bim
Preisungen 1 (5'48)
Preisungen 2 (7'24)
Preisungen 3 (5'46)
Preisungen 4 (6'44)