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Rauber Francois Concerto Humeur Tp18

François Rauber

Concerto «Humeurs»

for trumpet and string orchestra

Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 14'30


I. Décidé  I. Décidé

II. Plaisant  II. Plaisant

III. Lent  III. Lent

IV. Gai  IV. Gai

TP18a - Piano reduction (solo part included)
TP18b - Orchestra score
TP18c - Orchestra parts
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Vary as moods do

This concerto consists of 4 movements which were inspired by certain aspects of character (hence the subtitle "Humeurs" (Moods). The writing remains transparent throughout the different colors and styles, which change and vary as moods do ...

string set:
1. Décidé
2. Plaisant
3. Lent
4. Gai
Editions Bim
François Rauber

François Rauber (1933-2003)

The talent of the French composer François Rauber  (born January 19th, 1933 in Neufchâteau, France)  has expressed itself in many ways: "classical" compositions, music for theater, film and TV; as well as directing symphony orchestras or popular music groups. He studied piano, music theory, counterpoint, fugue and composition at the... Read more