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Saryan  Lazar  Serenade  Tp223
Lazar Saryan
for trumpet and string orchestra
intermediate / advanced Duration: 3' Armenian Composers Series

TP223a Piano reduction (solo part included)

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TP223b Orchestra score

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TP223c Orchestra parts

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Lazar Saryan

Lazar Saryan (1920-1998)

Son of the great Armenian painter Martiros Saryan, Lazar was born on 30 September 1920 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. In 1921 his family moved to Yerevan, Armenia, where Lazar’s talent for music gained him entrance into the conservatory’s special classes and the chance to study with renowned composer V. Talyan. In 1939 he joined the Soviet army and in 1941 left for the front, where he was to remain...
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