Concone Giuseppe Lyrical Studies Trumpet Tp138

Giuseppe Concone

Lyrical Studies

for trumpet (+MP3)

Level: intermediate

Study No 1 Study No 1

Study No 7 Study No 7

Study No 10 Study No 10

Study No 18 Study No 18

Study No 26 Study No 26

Study No 32 Study No 32

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Develop musical phrasing and breath control

The “Lyrical Studies” by the famous 19th c. Italian vocal coach Giuseppe Concone were designed to develop musical phrasing and breath control. The book is available with a CD of original accompaniments composed by film music composer Robert Gulya. The accompaniments offer a large mix of colorful styles, and they were written in the interest of promoting good listening habits and building musical confidence.

John F. Sawyer
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Giuseppe Concone (1801-1861)