Saglietti Corrado Maria Monsters Tu208 Digital
Corrado Maria Saglietti
for tuba and piano
advanced Duration: 14'

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Corrado Maria Saglietti

Corrado Maria Saglietti (*1957)

Corrado Maria Saglietti was born in 1957 in Costigliole d’Asti, Italy. He studied horn with G. Zoppi and graduated with highest honors. Since 1977 he has been playing in the RAI National Symphony Orchestra of Turin, and in 1990 he became principal horn; he often plays chamber music and performs as a soloist. In 1986 he received his degree in composition from the Turin Conservatory where he...
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Commisioned by and dedicated to the 31st International Competition "Città di Porcia" 2020

About Monsters

Real monsters, or imaginary ones. Sometimes the difference is small!

Monster of the Abyss. The first protagonist lives deep into the oceanic Abyss: we can hear its profound heartbeat as it sings a majestic song, somewhat mysterious and romantic.

A powerful, devastating dance announces the Monster of the Earth. Its roar could almost be compared to King Kong.

Monster of the Fire. Then, from the stuff of legend, we hear the Dragon’s chant soon becoming a frantic dance, interrupted by spat flames.

Monsters of the Air. A day quietly begins but, suddenly, something creeps in: just a few, then more and more, oh no… Locusts, everywhere! Then… They slowly go away.

And, lastly, the Monsters of the Mind: the closest, the strangest and most hysterical, sometimes more real than not. Are these the most troublesome?

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Editions Bim
1. Monster of the Abyss (4'35)
2. Monster of the Earth (2')
3. Monster of the Fire (3'30)
4. Monster of the Air (2'44)
5. Monsters of the Mind (1'30)


  • November 16, 2020 | International Competition "Citta di Porcia" TUBA | Porcia, Italy. .

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