Forbes Michael Textures Tu164 Digital
Michael Forbes
for 6 euphoniums and 6 tubas
intermediate / advanced Duration: 18'

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TU164 Score and parts

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Michael Forbes

Michael Forbes (*1973)

Michael Forbes (born 1973 in Morgantown, West Virginia, USA), studied first with Mark Lusk and Marty Erickson (Bachelor’s Degree at Penn State University), then with tubist and composer, John Stevens (Master degree from the University of Wisconsin) and finally with world renowned tubist, Toby Hanks (Doctor’s Degree from the University of Maryland). Along the way, he also studyied with Stuart...
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About Textures

The work

Textures is a symphony in three movements that explores differing levels of thickness in scoring and harmonic timbre.

The first movement,Transparent, explores pentatonic harmonies, with intense multi-meter hocket and even a fugal structure. Rhythmic motives that permeate the entire work are introduced here.  Translucent, slow and meditative, has a cloudy texture with its diatonic and modal character. The last movement, Opaque, opens with a recapitulation of the previous harmonic textures before exploring its more busy rhythmic, chromatic texture. The movement also recalls the various themes from previous movements before driving home its own theme followed by a rhythmic, bombastic finale.

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Editions Bim
1. Transparent (5')
2. Translucent (8')
3. Opaque (5')

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