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Charriere Caroline Veronique V77 4
Caroline Charrière
Femmes de Jérusalem
4. Véronique
for mixed choir a cappella
intermediate Duration: 5'50 Swiss Composers Series

V77-4 Choir score

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Caroline Charrière

Caroline Charrière (1960-2018)

Born 1960 in Fribourg (Switzerland), Caroline Charrière has accomplished flute studies at the Lausanne Conservatory (with Pierre Wavre) and completed them with Aurèle Nicolet and at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester (England). During the same time, she followed orchestration and composition studies with swiss composer Jean Balissat. She received also an orchestra conducting...
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About Femmes de Jérusalem

Provoque contemporary resonances

Marie-Claire Dewarrat has choosen these women because they are the greatest “symbol bearers and the most dedicated to provoque contemporary resonances”. The cycle includes five pieces: 1. Sarah, "the one who susurrates", 2. Maria, "the one who remains silent", 3. Maria of Magdala, "the beckoning one", 4. Veronica, "the witnessing one", 5. Martha, "the supplicator".

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  • April 14, 2017 | Meditation am Karfreitag | Luzern, Switzerland. Vokalensemble des Collegium Musicum, Pascal Mayer (conducting).

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