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Baratto Paolo Hirte Und Sein Horn Co37A
Paolo Baratto
Hirte und sein Horn
for Alphorn and strings or piano
intermediate Duration: 8'30 Baratto Collection Swiss Composers Series

CO37a Piano reduction (solo part included)

CHF 20.00

CO37b Orchestra score

CHF 22.00

CO37c Orchestra parts

CHF 33.00

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Paolo Baratto

Paolo Baratto (1926-2008)

Paolo Baratto was born in 1926 in Untersiggenthal (Argovia, Switzerland). At the age of seven he began trumpet studies with his father Alois, and then with Paul Spörri (former principal trumpet of the Berlin Philharmonic). He did his professional studies at the Zurich Conservatory (1941-1943), while playing substitute with the Zurich Tonhalle and Opera orchestras. From 1943 to 1953 he was the...
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