Mixed duet with accompaniment

  • TU132e Wind band score

    TU132f Wind band parts

    TU132g Study score (incl. solo)

    advanced Duration: 20'

    3 Dances is a Suite written in 3 movements. It is a typical example of the versatile composing talent of Roland Szentpali. His approach to jazz is well structured, with subtle fast or slow groovy sequences of the different instrumental and rhythm... Read more

    Audio samples

  • TP315b Score and solo parts

    TP315c Orchestra parts

    intermediate Duration: 23'

    The text for the six different movements are taken from Muir's writings between the years 1863 to 1875, and in setting Muir's words to music Anthony Plog captured his sense of wonder at the beauty and miracle of the mountains. Most of the music is... Read more

  • CONC1a Piano reduction (solo part included)

    CONC1b Orchestra score

    CONC1c Orchestra parts

    advanced Duration: 14' Swiss Composers Series