Plog Anthony Sierra Journal Tp315
Anthony Plog
Sierra Journal
for soprano, trumpet, string orchestra, piano and percussion
intermediate Duration: 23'

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Anthony Plog

Anthony Plog (*1947)

Anthony Plog was born on November 13th, 1947 in Glendale, California. He received his music degree from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles). Trumpet studies were first with his father Clifton Plog and later with Irving Bush, Thomas Stevens and James Stamp. He has a successful international career as a soloist and has made many recordings. His compositional activities have grown...
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About Sierra Journal

The beauty and miracle of the mountains

The text for the six different movements are taken from Muir's writings between the years 1863 to 1875, and in setting Muir's words to music Anthony Plog captured his sense of wonder at the beauty and miracle of the mountains. Most of the music is bright and tonal with only a few exceptions, the most important being the final movement with its question of what role will man play in the mountains destiny.  The work begins and ends with an offstage trumpet, suggesting a voice in the wilderness, and the final solo ends with a question, not a resolution. 

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Editions Bim
John Muir
I. Mountain Days (5'30)
II. Instincts (3'30)
III. Sunbeams (3')
IV. Voice in the Wilderness (4')
V. Spring (3')
VI. Epilogue - Men (3')


  • September 5, 2023 | Lucerne Summer Festival | Lucerne, Switzerland. Jon Flurin Buchli (trumpet), Tereza Kotlanova (soprano), Studierende Hochschule Musik Luzern.

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