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Hackleman Martin 21 Characteristic Etudes High Horn Co13

Martin Hackleman

21 Characteristic Etudes for High Horn Playing

for high horn

Level: intermediate / advanced



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A new dimension of technical challenge

These high horn studies are designed to add a new dimension of technical challenge and musical reward for the horn player.

They are carefully constructed to expand all of a player’s capabilities while relying on a melodic and traditional sense of composition. The altissimo register of the horn should be a natural extension of a player’s solid ease in the middle range.

Editions Bim
Martin Hackleman

Martin Hackleman (*1951)

Martin Hackleman, born in 1952, began his horn studies at the age of 16 with Caesar LaMonaca in Houston (Texas), and went on to the University of Houston. He also studied with Barry Tuckwell and Roland Berger of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Was named principal horn of the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra in 1972, and joined the... Read more