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Takata  Shinichi 3  Pieces  Tp238
Shinichi Takata
3 Pieces
for cornet and piano
intermediate / advanced Duration: 9'30


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Shinichi Takata

Shinichi Takata (1920-1959)

Shinichi (pronounced Shin-ichi) Takata, son of a wealthy tradesman, was born in Tokyo in 1920. His musical education began at the age of eight. He studied composition and music theory privately with Yoshio Hasegawa (1907-1981) an exponent of the French style. One year later, in 1937, he entered the Tokyo Music School, where he not only continued his formal studies with Hasegawa, but also with...
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Audio samples

I. Vivo
II. Adagio
III. Allegro

About 3 Pieces

The French influence is sprinkled throughout all of the movements in a subtle and natural way as evidenced by the music’s architectonic structure and design, wherein the composer not only included the French harmonic style in his own music, but he also successfully blended it with traditional Japanese harmonic elements.

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