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Trognee  Emile  Joseph 25  Etudes  Techniques  Tp15
Emile Joseph Trognée
25 Etudes techniques
for trumpet
intermediate / advanced


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Emile Joseph Trognée (1868-1942)

Emile Joseph Trognée was born on 4th of July 1868 in Tirimon, Belgium. He studied trumpet at the Brussels Conservatory. After winning a European competition in 1902, he became solo trumpet and cornet at the Mariinskiy Theatre (now called Kirov Theatre) in St. Petersburg. He spent the rest of his life in Russia, working at the Mariinskiy for 25 years, and he died in 1942 of hunger during the three...
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About 25 Etudes techniques

This edition of Trognée' s studies gives us an opportunity to study the work of someone who, like Vasiliy Wurm, Vasiliy Brandt and Oskar Böhme, made a great contribution to the history of the trumpet in Russia.

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