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Crausaz Etienne Eastern Folk Dances Tu176

Etienne Crausaz

Eastern Folk Dances

for tuba and piano

Level: intermediate
Duration: 10'
Swiss Composers Series


I. Allegro  I. Allegro

II. Adagio malinconico  II. Adagio malinconico

III. Vivace  III. Vivace


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Inspired by the unique atmosphere of Balkan popular music

These dances for tuba and piano are inspired by the unique atmosphere of Balkan popular music, namely its lively nature, use of compound rhythms as well as the melancholic and nostalgic character. In three tonal movements, the dances highlight both the technical and lyrical qualities of the tuba.

I. Allegro
II. Adagio malinconico
III. Vivace
Editions Bim
Etienne Crausaz

Etienne Crausaz (*1981)

Etienne Crausaz, born in 1981, began his professional tuba studies with Guy Michel at the High School of Music in Bern, Switzerland. In 2006 he obtained his teaching diploma swiftly followed in 2007 by his concert diploma. In 2009, at the High School of Music of Zurich, he received his soloist diploma under the guidance of Anne Jelle Visser.... Read more

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