Balissat Jean Cantique Des Creatures V23
Jean Balissat
Cantique des créatures
de St. François d’Assise
for soprano voice and flute
intermediate Duration: 4' Swiss Composers Series

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Jean Balissat

Jean Balissat (1936-2007)

Jean Balissat was born in 1936 in Lausanne (Switzerland), and was drawn straight away to composing and conducting. He studied harmony and counterpoint in Lausanne, before taking composition, orchestration and conducting in Geneva. In order to gain a better understanding of the orchestra, he also studied horn and percussion. As orchestral director and bandmaster, he has conducted numerous...
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About Cantique des créatures

Unadorned, unaffected and therefore deeply moving

Unadorned, unaffected and therefore deeply moving, the Cantique des créatures de Saint François d’Assise (Song of the Creatures of St Francis of Assisi) called for a musical approach which observed its Franciscan spirit of extreme asceticism.

While the voice intones the prayer of St Francis, maintaining a sense of detachment at all times, the ornamentations of the flute conjure up, in turn, the sun, moon, wind, the natural elements, death...

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