Lane Richard Suite 1 Piano Pno75
Richard Lane
Suite N° 1
for piano
intermediate Duration: 12'45 Richard Lane Series

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Richard Lane

Richard Lane (1933-2004)

On September 3, 2004, a police patrol intercepted a convertible Ford Mustang that was zigzagging out of control. Richard Lane had just left Cape Cod, where he spent his summers composing, and suffered a stroke while driving back to his home in Paterson, New Jersey. He was urgently taken to Newark University Hospital, but nine days later, he passed away, leaving behind a rich legacy of over 500...
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About Suite N° 1

Suite No. 1, written by Richard Lane between his 20th and 22nd year, marks the beginning of the high level music he composed for solo piano.

The five movements follow one soul state after another. Polichinelle: Lane skillfully lets the notes run, essentially in two voices, on a Presto rich in changing meters. Nocturne: A slow movement animated with great emotional delicacy. Berceuse: All of Lane’s art is expressed in his mastery of simplicity. Waltz: A moderato 3/4 with rhythmic eighth notes and a clever central passage. Epilogue: An Allegro molto agitato that requires a high level of virtuosic execution from both hands.

Suite No. 1 was the first of four works dedicated to Mary K. Green-Traver (Lane’s friend and contemporary at the Eastman School of Music) between 1953 and 1963.

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Editions Bim
I. Polichinelle (1953) (1'45)
II. Nocturne (1954) (4'30)
III. Berceuse (1955) (3'15)
IV. Waltz (1955) (1'30)
Epilogue (1955) (1'45)