Michel Jean Francois Far West Ov28
Jean-François Michel
Far West
for wind band or brass band
intermediate Duration: 6'20 Swiss Composers Series

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Jean-François Michel

Jean-François Michel (*1957)

Jean-François Michel, born in Switzerland in 1957 into a family of musicians, studied from 1965 to 1976 at the Fribourg Conservatoire in (Switzerland). In 1975 he was awarded the Bronze Medal at the International Music Competition in Geneva and, a year later, he was appointed Principal Trumpet of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra (Germany) where he remained until 1986 when he was appointed...
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About Far West

Far West is a fun and entertaining piece designed in the popular style of what is today referred to as "country and western music." Three distinct parts follow one another:

- A slow introduction depicts the arid landscapes of the American West and then launches into a horse riding, traveling music, theme.
- The arrival in a peaceful village where some pioneers of the Conquest of the West are meeting.
- The finale is a joyful “country” quadrille that makes members of the pioneer’s community dance.

Far West is written for variable wind instruments, brass only or mixed with woodwinds, and 3 drums — a) timpani, b) bass drum, snare drum and small percussion — and c) an ad lib. fourth part for melodic percussion (glockenspiel and xylophone). These parts can be specified according to availability.

Far West is easily accessible to youth groups.

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flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinets 1, 2, bass clarinet, alto sax., tenor sax., baritone sax., sopran cornet Eb, trumpets/cornets 1,2,3, alto or F horns 1, 2, trombone 1,2 (bass trombone), baritone, euphonium, tuba, timpani, percussion 1,2,3
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