Roy Eugene 15 Airs En Duos Tp303
Eugène Roy
15 Airs en Duos
Tirés de la Méthode de Trompette
for 2 trumpets

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Eugène Roy (1790-1827)

Roy was Professeur, flageolet virtuoso and the author of numerous instrumental tutors and arrangements, but very little was known about him up to now. As a consequence of the latest research based on new sources, including 30 further publications by Roy himself as well as a dozen articles dedicated to him, it is now possible to reconstruct a biography. Part of Roy’s biographical dates are...
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About 15 Airs en Duos

The Duets

In 1824, Schott in Mainz published a trumpet method by C. Eugène Roy. The original includes these duets in an antiquated mixed pitch configuration: the first voice for a high E flat trumpet, the second being in Bb. These have been transposed here for modern instruments in either C or Bb. Roy, a military musician and flageolet (similar to recorder) virtuoso, has published many instrumental methods and arrangements of well-known melodies of the time: his trumpet method addresses both natural and keyed trumpet playing. Depending on the respective publisher, these can be either keyed trumpets or keyed bugles (see illustration). The 15 duets of this book were presumably written for the keyed bugle, since in France at the time, such instruments were pitched in Eb et Bb, exactly the two pitches Roy used in these duets.

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2 trumpets (cornets, flugelhorns)
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