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Lewark Egbert Brass Circle Tp266
Egbert Lewark
Brass Circle
for trumpet
intermediate / advanced


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Egbert Lewark

Egbert Lewark (*1953)

Egbert Lewark - born 1953 in Mainz, Germany - is a teacher of trumpet and a freelance performer. Since 1980, he also specialized in trumpet pedagogy for children. Parallely to his orchestral and solo activities, he performs with the chamber music ensembles he has founded (such as Splendid Brass). His musical repertory spans not only works from the Renaissance to the contemporary periods, but...
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About Brass Circle

The diverse elements of brass playing

The concept of a circle suggests a circulating path through the diverse elements of brass playing. The most important elements are air stream, range, attack (I prefer tonguing or articulation), slurs, scales, concentration, intonation, intervals, rhythms, changing meters, listening, endurance and ensemble playing.

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