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Kraft William Encounters Ii Tu17

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William Kraft
Encounters II

for tuba solo

  • Level: advanced
  • Duration: 7'
  • Genre: contemporary
  • Composed: 1964 (rev.2009)

Reference: TU17


  • Published: 1996
  • Publisher: Editions Bim

Audio samples

Encounters II


William Kraft

William Kraft (1923-2022)

Last Tuesday on 9/6, William Kraft (1923-2022) would have celebrated his 99th birthday. Sadly, the composer of the famous "Encounters II" for solo tuba passed away on February 12, 2022. William Kr... Read more

About Encounters II

“higher, lower, faster (probably louder or softer) than any previous work for tuba”

«Encounters II» was written for Roger Bobo in December 1966, and premiered at the “Encounters” concert series in Pasadena in 1967.

The first thing Roger and I did was spend a day together, during which we engaged in a creative interplay of ideas and exploration of the instrument’s possibilities. The resultant work was, as Roger described it in the liner notes of his second recording of the piece, “higher, lower, faster (probably louder or softer) than any previous work for tuba”.

From the multitude of techniques that evolved, I chose those which I felt were best suited for a piece that was basically expressive along relatively traditional lines.

Certain exploratory techniques were eliminated to suit the aesthetics of the piece - an easthetic wherein I wanted to show the truly musical possibilities of the instrument without delving into effects for their own sake.

I wanted to undertake the challenge of writing a set of variations for a solo player in which he would create the illusion of accompanying himself, sometimes by use of various dynamic levels, sometimes by varying pitch registrations, and especially by utilizing the voice while playing.

Much of what resulted was due not only to Mr. Bobo’s remarkable virtuosity, but also to his creative intelligence.

William Kraft, 2009, Altadena, CA, USA.

Encounters II has been recorded by Roger Bobo (1968, Crystal Records, CD125, Bobissimo), and has since become one of the «classics» of the contemporary literature for tuba.