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Altman Laurie Colors Of The City Tb94

Laurie Altman

Colors of the City

for 2 trombones (horn in F and trombone) and piano

Level: intermediate / advanced
Duration: 18'



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“Colors of the City” represents a nostalgic look back at New York City and is an attempt to capture the energy, vitality and beauty of that extraordinary place. In a sense, the piece presents a portrait of a typical New York City day, “Awakening” and coming to life; a quiet walk through Central Park, and ending in an exploration of the color, light and intense human excitement of Broadway.

I. Awakening (8’20'')
II. Oasis: Central Park (3’)
III. Boogie Down Broadway (7’30'')
Editions Bim
Laurie Altman

Laurie Altman (*1944)

Born in New York City (1944), presently living in Switzerland, Laurie Altman has had a rich and varied life as both a composer, and for many years as a jazz pianist, performing in famous clubs and festivals in the USA and abroad. As a composer, he has been the recipient of numerous awards and his contemporary works have been performed worldwide.Read more