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Altman Laurie Colors Of The City Tb94
Laurie Altman
Colors of the City
for 2 trombones (horn in F and trombone) and piano
intermediate / advanced Duration: 18'


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Laurie Altman

Laurie Altman (*1944)

Born in New York City (1944), presently living in Switzerland, Laurie Altman has had a rich and varied life as both a composer, and for many years as a jazz pianist, performing in famous clubs and festivals in the USA and abroad. As a composer, he has been the recipient of numerous awards and his contemporary works have been performed worldwide. Read more

About Colors of the City

Inexhaustible source of musical inspiration

“Colors of the City” represents a nostalgic look back at New York City and is an attempt to capture the energy, vitality and beauty of that extraordinary place. In a sense, the piece presents a portrait of a typical New York City day, “Awakening” and coming to life; a quiet walk through Central Park, and ending in an exploration of the color, light and intense human excitement of Broadway.

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Editions Bim
I. Awakening (8’20'')
II. Oasis: Central Park (3’)
III. Boogie Down Broadway (7’30'')

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