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Kassatti Tadeusz Petite Musique De Rue Ens64

Tadeusz Kassatti

Petite musique de rue

for brass quintet

Level: intermediate
Duration: 11'


I. Matudinale  I. Matudinale

II. Fuligineuse  II. Fuligineuse

III. A Minuit  III. A Minuit

ENS64 - Score and parts

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Little Street Music

The fairgrounds and circus world is fascinating. Not the circus with three animated arenas and noisy lightshows, no, the real circus, the one where the clown catches sometimes a cold, and about the carousel with limping horses... Therefore, the gaiety in these three movements is delusive. But there is also no terrible drama to discover... even at midnight!

Thus, the themes turn around without real development nor issue, like the horses in the circus arena, and even the most beautiful smiling of the tamer in strass will not change anything...

2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba
I. Matudinale
II. Fuligineuse
III. A Minuit
Editions Bim
Tadeusz Kassatti

Tadeusz Kassatti (*1948)

Tadeusz Kassatti was born in 1948 in Cracow, Poland. In 1972 he received a first prize with distinction for virtuosity on piano at the Cracow Conservatory. He continued his studies at the Geneva Conservatory with Harry Datyner and Louis Hiltbrand and then in London with Peter Feuchtwanger. He currently teaches at the Conservatoire Populaire de... Read more