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Vartan Adjemian, Quintet for piccolo/flute, tuba, vibraphone, contrabass and piano

Vartan Adjemian


for piccolo/flute, tuba, vibraphone, contrabass and piano

MCX64 Score and parts - CHF42.00 (Print)

  • Level: advanced
  • Duration: 11'
  • Genre: contemporary
  • Series: Armenian Composers Series
  • Composed: 1998
Vartan Adjemian

Vartan Adjemian (*1956)

Vartan Adjemian was born 1956 to a very well-known and popular family in Armenia. His grandfather, Vartan Adjemian Sr. (1905-1977) studied with Stanislavsky and Vsevolod Meyerhold and was the Gene... Read more

About Quintet

Unusual blend of sonorities

This quintet, written in 1998, is a chamber music work featuring various instrumental voices, like piccolo/flute, tuba, vibraphone, and contrabass, developing from within a tense and dramatic piano part. This unusual blend of sonorities offers a wide scale of powerfull and virtuosic musical effects with strong expressive colors.

Vartan Adjemian is a master in the use of historical Armenian musical roots for declamatory instrumental solos within the context of rich contemporary chords and great rhythmical structures.

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