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Fasch Johann Concerto No 2 D Dur Co4

Johann Friedrich Fasch

Concerto D-Dur Nr. 2

for 2 trumpets (corni da caccia) and chamber orchestra

Level: advanced
Duration: 10'
Ludwig Güttler Collection
Arrangeur: Ludwig Güttler


CO4a - Piano reduction (solo part included)
CO4b - Orchestra score
CO4c - Orchestra parts

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Instrumentation, B.C. - solo parts in D and Bb
18th C.
Ludwig Güttler
Editions Bim

Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688-1758)

Johann Friedrich Fasch (1688-1758) was the son of a choirmaster in Buttelstedt near Weimar. As a child he was member in the choir of the court of Weissenfels under the direction of J.Ph. Krieger, and as of 1701 in the choir of St.Thomas of Leipzig led by J.Kuhnau. Fasch was self taught in music fundamentals, patterning himself on his idol Telemann.... Read more