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Stamp  James  Supplemental  Studies  Tp277

James Stamp

Supplemental Studies

To The Original Warm-Ups and Studies

for trumpet + mp3 accompaniments

Level: easy / intermediate
Language: English, French, German

Arrangeur: Thomas Stevens


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The Supplemental Studies

Accompaniments available on SoundCloud

The philosophy of the Supplemental Studies, to which James Stamp agreed many years ago, was to fill in some of the blank pages of his legacy, to wit: to show his advanced scale exercises and some of his pedagogical “roots.” One cannot do this without mentioning Max Schlossberg (1873-1936), whom many consider to be the father of the American school of trumpet playing, and who had a great influence on James Stamp’s work.

James Stamp was a student of professor Schlossberg, and he used, especially during his formative years as a teacher, some of Schlossberg’s original unpublished materials in his work.

This book is a supplement to the original James Stamp Warm-Ups and Studies, and all of James Stamp’s concepts and instructions presented in the original volume should apply to these studies as if they were included in this book.

mp3 accompaniment in Bb and C
Thomas Stevens
Editions Bim
James Stamp

James Stamp (1904-1985)

James Stamp has been a professional musician since the age of 16, starting in the famous Mayo Clinic Band at Rochester, Minnesota. After having played in different Minneapolis theatres, he was chosen to become First Trumpet at the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. He kept this position for 17 years and played under the greatest conductors (Eugen... Read more

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