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Pinto Correia Andreia Teatro De Marionetas Tu139

Andreia Pinto-Correia

Teatro de Marionetas

for 2 tubas and drum set

Level: intermediate
Duration: 12'
Portuguese Composers Series


I. Murmurinho  I. Murmurinho

II. Interludio  II. Interludio

III. Tangos  III. Tangos

TU139 - Score and parts

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The Work

Teatro de Marionetas is the Portuguese expression for Puppet Theater. In this work, two puppets, represented by the two tubas, meet for a set of three dances.

The first dance named “Murmurinho” meaning small and soft talk is inspired by “choro” rhythms. The woodblock introduces the two puppets and so the dance begins…however, they are puppets! And, even if they try to dance together they will always seem ‘disarticulated’.

The second dance, an Interlude, represents the two puppets falling in love with each other. It is a romance: they sing songs of longing to each. This movement is inspired in morna song genre.

Finally, the third movement, Tangos, represents an attempt of the two tubas to dance a tango. But they cannot keep up with each other! And so, we have many Tangos happening at the same time at different tempos. The two puppets finally come to an agreement…at the very last measure!

Andreia Pinto Correia

Percussion: drum set, woodblock, triangles (medium and small)
Editions Bim
Andreia Pinto-Correia

Andreia Pinto-Correia (*1971)

Born 1971 in Lisbon, Portugal, Andreia Pinto Correia is currently pursuing a composition doctoral degree at the New England Conservatory, in Boston, studying with Michael Gandolfi. She received her Master of Music degree, also from NEC, with Academic Honors in Jazz Composition as a student of Bob Brookmeyer.  Recent recognitions include a... Read more