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Melani Allessandro Quai Bellici Accenti Tp90
Alessandro Melani
Quai bellici accenti
for trumpet, soprano voice and basso continuo
Arrangeur: Antonio Frigé
intermediate Duration: 9' Swiss Composers Series

TP90 Score and parts

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Alessandro Melani (1639-1703)

Alessandro was the fifth of nine Melani brothers who were all famous musicians (4 as castrato singers) in various European courts: 1. Jacopo (1623-1676), 2. Atto (1626-1714), 3. Francesco Maria (1628-1668?), 4. Bartolomeo (1634-?), 6. Antonio (16?-?), 7. Domenico (16?-?), 8. Nicola (16?-?), and Vincenzo (16?-?). Alessandro Melani was choir master at Pistoia at the Church of San Petronio of...
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Quai Belli Accenti

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17th c.
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