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Divers Bicinia Raymond Mase Tp283

Raymond Mase


25 Renaissance Canons and Duets

for 2 trumpets

Level: intermediate / advanced
Arrangeur: Raymond Mase


Giuseppe Giamberti, Cantilena  Giuseppe Giamberti, Cantilena

Heinrich Faber, Canon  Heinrich Faber, Canon

Anonymous, Ich Seg Adieu  Anonymous, Ich Seg Adieu

Martin Agricola, De Profundis  Martin Agricola, De Profundis

Anonymous, In Carne Vale  Anonymous, In Carne Vale

Giuseppe Giamberti, Cantilena De Salti  Giuseppe Giamberti, Cantilena De Salti

Josquin des Prés, Agnus Dei  Josquin des Prés, Agnus Dei


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Bicinia, two-part music of the Renaissance and early Baroque, were pieces frequently used for teaching of counterpoint and style. For modern trumpeters, they are challenging and valuable resources in the training of rhythmic flexibility, imitation, and musical expression.

These editions include the addition of dynamics, articulations, and suggested tempi and style.

Raymond Mase
Anonymous (c. 1550), Tibi laudes decantabo (0'40)
Anonymous (c. 1550), In carne vale (1'20)
Anonymous (c. 1550), Ich seg adieu (1'10)
Josquin des Prés (1440-1521), Agnus Dei (1'30)
Josquin des Prés (1440-1521), Pleni sunt caeli (1')
Josquin des Prés (1440-1521), Agnus Dei (1')
Josquin des Prés (1440-1521), Canon (0'50)
Georg Rhaw (1488-1548), Quam pulchra es (1')
Jacob Obrecht (1450-1505), Qui cum patre (1'15)
Jobst von Brandt (1517-1570), Ach Gott, wem soll ich klagen (1'50)
Gregor Meyer (1525-1572), Hypolydischer Kanon in der Quinte (1'05)
Jacques Pelletier (1517-1582), Si mon malheur (1')
Heinrich Faber (1500-1552), Canon (1'05)
Antonio Troilo (15??-16??), Scherzo (1608) (1'35)
Antoine Barbe (1505-1564), Summi regis sponsa digna (1')
Francis Layolle (1492-1540), Les Bourguignons (c. 1539) (1'15)
Giuseppe Giamberti (1600-1663), Solfeggiamento (1')
Martin Agricola (1486-1556), De Profundis (1')
Anonymous (c. 1550), Cancionero de Uppsala, Primus tonus (1556) (1'40)
Anonymous (c. 1550), Cancionero de Uppsala, Secundus tonus (1556) (1'15)
Thomas Wythorpe (1528-1595), Affections strong that doe move us (1'23)
Giuseppe Giamberti (1600-1663), Cantilena de’ salti (1')
Giuseppe Giamberti (1600-1663), Cantilena (1'30)
Jacques Pelletier (1517-1582), Souvent amour (0'50)
The Brass Press
Raymond Mase

Raymond Mase (*1951)

Trumpeter Raymond Mase enjoys a diverse career as soloist, chamber artist, orchestral player, and pedagogue. As a member of the American Brass Quintet from 1973-2013, he performed worldwide, premiered countless new works for brass, and is heard on over thirty-five of the Quintet’s recordings. He has contributed his own editions of 16th, 17th, and... Read more

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