Richardson Rex 3 Etudes Tp364 Digital
Rex Richardson
3 Etudes
for solo trumpet
advanced Duration: 10'

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Rex Richardson

Rex Richardson (*1969)

Renowned as a performer and composer of new, genre-busting music, Yamaha Performing Artist Rex Richardson has been called “One of the finest virtuosos of our time” (Brass Herald) “a standout soloist with the power, range and flexibility to rival Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw” (DownBeat), and “among the very best trumpet soloists in the world today” (Journal of the International Trumpet Guild)....
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About 3 Etudes

The Three Etudes for Solo Trumpet were inspired by study of Arnold Schönberg’s string quartets.

Karyokinesis refers to the division of the nucleus in single-cell reproduction, the opening five-note gesture serving as the impetus for the first étude.

Farben, or colors in German, is an exploration of the multi-phonics and half-valve techniques on the flugelhorn, using the same initial motif of the first étude. Its title is taken from Schoenberg’s Opus 16, the Five Pieces for Orchestra.

Evo-Devolution describes the development of ever-more-complex gestures from a simple motif, and then the same process in reverse, before a high energy climax closes the work.

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Editions Bim
I. Karyokinesis (3')
II. Farben (3')
III. Evo-Devolution (4')

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