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Masson Askell Cosmic Tree Perc35

Áskell Másson

Cosmic Tree

for marimba and 3 percussionists

Level: advanced
Duration: 10'


Cosmic Tree  Cosmic Tree

PERC35 Score and parts

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Norse mythology

The title of this piece refers to the cosmic tree of Norse mythology, the Yggdrasill. This tree of life extends to the heavens from the earth, thus uniting them. It is said to have three supportive roots which embrace the whole of the earth. Beneath each root are wells guarded by nornes (fortune women) who decide the lives and destiny of mankind.

perc. I: picc. woodblock, 2 wood blocks, sus. cymbal, Glockenspiel, bass drum perc. II: 4 temple blocks, sus. cymb., vibraphone, large frame drum perc. III: 4 pitches slit drums, sus. cym., loose cymb., timpani
Editions Bim
Áskell Másson

Áskell Másson (*1953)

Played by the best orchestras, ensembles and soloists, his music reflects a powerful sense of drama. The variety of rhythms and sounds, the combination of lyrical and percussive moments, give to his compositions a unique intensity. Áskell Másson (b. 21. November 1953) is amongst Iceland´s leading composers. With a varied background as a... Read more