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Roy Eugene 4 Airs De Bravoure Tp304

Eugène Roy

4 Airs de Bravoure

for trumpet and piano

Level: intermediate / advanced
HKB Historic Brass Series
Arrangeur: Edoardo Torbianelli



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About the work

In 1824, Editions Schott in Mainz (Germany) published a trumpet method by C. Eugène Roy of which Editions Bim has now printed a facsimile as Volume 1 of the HKB-Historic Brass Series. The final pages of that method contain 4 works in the virtuoso style of the time that represent archetypical examples of such trumpet music and constitute a significant contribution to its repertoire. This practical edition renders it now possible to play these “Airs de bravoure” in concert. 

Edoardo Torbianelli
Thème et variations sur un air de Mehul
Thème et variations
Assisa a piè d’un salice (tiré d’Othello de G. Rossini
Ombra che a me ritorna (M.E. Carafa
Editions Bim

Eugène Roy (1790-1827)

Roy was Professeur, flageolet virtuoso and the author of numerous instrumental tutors and arrangements, but very little was known about him up to now. As a consequence of  the latest research based on new sources, including 30 further publications by Roy himself as well as a dozen articles dedicated to him, it is now possible to... Read more

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